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PLEASE make yourself familiar with the conditions applicable to your work before bringing items to the Gallery, especially the references to pricing and framing. There are new conditions relating to crafts, please check before bringing items to the gallery.

Membership is open to all who produce their own work in paintings, prints, crafts and cards and is 25 per annum.
Prospective members should call at the Gallery to register for Membership on or after submission days.

Being a member entitles you to submit your work to the gallery for display. There are limits to the amount of work that any one member may have on show at any one time.  These are:

3 original framed paintings for hanging.
5 originals, or prints, mounted for browser display.
10 crafts items
20 cards.

The submission conditions are more fully explained under "Terms and Conditions" - see below
Members are encouraged to submit their profile, together with images of their work, to be included in the Artists section of this website. More details on this topic below - see 'Get Yourself Known'.

The annual subscription fee is payable on registration or renewal of your membership.
On sale of your work, you will be paid 75% of whatever price you have asked us to display on it.
Payment is made at the following times during the year:

  • If we owe you more than 100. you will be paid at the end of the month of the sale.
  • If we owe you between 25 and 99.99, you will be paid at the end of the current quarter, - June, September or December.
  • However, if your sales are less than 25, you will not be paid until 31st December. These figures refer to monies owed AFTER our commission is deducted.

The AGM will take place on Saturday 16th January at 10 am

Would all members please note that if you wish to contact us by e-mail you should use coartcentre@aol.co.uk

At Coquetdale, we are always looking for ways to improve our communications.  We also need to try to keep down the cost of delivering our news and information to you.
Our  membership registrations for 2014 indicate that almost 90% of our members have an e-mail address.
We would hope, therefore, to send our messages by e-mail whenever possible, and to help us with this, we would ask members who change their e-mail address to send us their details.
Please send your name and new e-mail address to
If someone else in your household is also a member, please indicate to us if a single address will suffice for both of you.



  • All Paintings submitted to the Gallery should be the product of your own work.
  • Paintings copied from an existing work are not encouraged, but may be submitted provided they are accompanied by evidence of written consent from the original artist.
  • Likewise, if you have used a photograph other than your own as a basis for your creation, then written permission from the photographer must accompany your submission.

Just as we like to keep the pictures in the Gallery fresh, so we are hoping to keep our list of artists, with their personal profiles and recent work, up to date.
We would like all our artists to review their profiles. Use the link above to go straight there and update them if necessary, by sending your new profile to Elidh Gardiner via our email address, coartcentre@aol.co.uk  Also, please send us j-pegs of your latest work. If they are smaller than 1000 pixels across  or 1MB it would be good, but if you are not too clever with such things, don't worry, they can be resized for you. 
And if YOU are not on our list of artists, then please consider joining us - we are now willing to help with sales from any pictures you exhibit in your online gallery, but please note, we will take the same 25% commission that you pay normally. Putting all the pictures and profiles onto the website takes a lot of time, so the sooner you send them the better.  You can e-mail us at coartcentre@aol.co.uk


Submissions of Artwork to the Coquetdale Arts Centre


1. You must be a member of the Coquetdale Arts Centre to submit

2. Framed Art

THREE original pictures are allowed, provided each has a
maximum size of 4 sq.ft. 

We are sorry but we cannot accept framed prints.

Please note that a picture of more than
4sq.ft. is acceptable, but this counts as 
TWO of your allowance. 

The title, price and medium used is to be stated on the submission
sheet. Please ensure price is exactly divisible by four.

Please be aware that hanging space in our gallery is
finite and the number and size of paintings submitted for 2016 is unknown. Thus
the Committee reserves the right to alter this allocation should the need

Pictures must be presented, ready for hanging, with
taut picture cord (not wire or
string or a central hanger)
, one third from the top, your name and picture
title on the back and taped with self adhesive framing tape (sorry, masking
tape is not acceptable). Take care that your frames are perfect, with no
chips or scratches, and if mounts are used, they should be professionally cut
and spotless. Unframed canvases are acceptable if the edges of the canvas are very
well presented. All submissions should be of saleable quality.

3. Unframed Art

FIVE items may be displayed in the browsers at any one time. Please indicate
clearly on the back if they are ORIGINALS or PRINTS. 

Each piece of work needs to be properly mounted,
labelled with your name, price, medium and mount size (so customers know what
size frame to buy) Please ensure price is exactly divisible by 4.

Work should be presented in transparent wrap or bag
and sealed.

(Cling film is
 NOT acceptable
for this purpose, it cannot stay together while being handled) All submissions
should be of saleable quality.

4. Crafts

TEN three-dimensional items of Craft are allowed at any
one time. Craft will normally be original three-dimensional items intended to
be worn or used practically or decoratively.

Framed Art and unframed canvases will no longer be
accepted as Crafts.
Art & unframed canvases must be submitted under the Framed Art allocation.

Only single items can be counted as each submission with the
following exceptions:

pairings such as salt and pepper, milk and sugar,

of more than two must be small, no larger in size and number than a set of 4
coasters and pre packaged as a set in some way.

Identical larger objects such as two bowls or six
glasses are deemed individual items of craft not sets.
If member wishes to submit very large craft
items, their allocation may be reduced at the discretion of the Gallery
Manager. Please be aware that display space is finite.

Please label Crafts with your name, price, and medium.
All items, no matter how small must be listed separately on the submission
sheet and the description and price of the work must be stated. Please
ensure price is exactly divisible by 4.

Crafts will be presented and displayed by the Gallery.
Stands and packaging must be approved by the Gallery Manager. All submissions
should be of saleable quality.


5. Cards

TWENTY cards with envelopes, presented either separately or
in packs, are permitted at any one time. Each card (or pack) needs to
be covered in transparent wrap or bag and sealed. The price is to be
stated. Price of one card MUST be a multiple of 20p.

All submissions should be of saleable quality.


6. Website

Members are entitled to have their profiles & additional items,
titled and priced, displayed on the Gallery website.  Any sales thus
generated will be subject to normal terms and conditions.


7. Gallery

The Gallery reserves the right to decline acceptance of any piece of
work deemed to be dangerous, offensive, contravening Copyright Law or not
complying with the terms of submissions.

The Gallery undertakes to exhibit all work received
which complies with terms and conditions and requests that members make all
reasonable endeavours to change pictures not sold after 13 weeks, thus keeping
the Gallery exhibits fresh.

The Gallery will attempt to contact artists by
telephone on sale of any Framed picture so that the member can bring a
replacement. The Gallery cannot be held responsible if contact cannot
be made, although every endeavour will be used to make contact.

The Gallery agrees to make good any accidental damage
caused to items on display. Should an item be beyond repair, payment will be
made as though the item had been sold (75% of price). No liability will be
accepted beyond this limit.


8. Members

Members are required to price everything on submission and will be paid
75% of the displayed price for work sold.  Payment dates will be:


due of 100 or more - paid at the end of the month of sale.

between 25 & 99.99 - paid at end of quarter (Jun, Sept, Dec)

due less than 25 - payment retained until 31st December.

that the above amounts refer to the actual payments due, and not the price
of your work.  The Gallery would not expect to make any additional


policy is that Gallery prices are NOT negotiable.


Any members' disputes or grievance needs to be in written form and
discussed by the Committee.  Any decision proving unsatisfactory to the
member will be dealt with by the Trustees whose adjudication will be final.

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